Surface Mount


Surface Mount capability is a large part of the Contract Electronics Manufacturer service offered to all of our customers. Our Surface Mount department is fully equipped with Siemens placement machines. The Surface Mount manufacturing room consists of 4 independent lines with the ability to place all component types and packages including BGA devices.

4 Siemens SMT placement lines, comprising

  • Siemens Line 1 – S20 / F4 with Waffle Pack Changer
  • Siemens Line 2 – S15 / F3
  • Siemens Line 3 – S20 / F5 with Waffle Pack Changer
  • Siemens Line 4 – S15 / S15 / F3

Our setup enables us manufacture any product on any of our production lines within the department.

Our surface mount department is also equiped with an ERSA BGA Placment/Rework Station and ERSA  Inspection Scope.