The Ashgill Electronics purchasing team have years of experience in the Electronics industry. By using their knowledge, skill and resources we are able to offer a truly competitive procurement package.

Obtaining difficult to get components and solving obsolescence issues are commonplace factors in the procurement process. The purchasing team at Ashgill Electronics will involve the customer yet make the process as painless as possible whilst achieving the desired result.

Materials Management

  • Component and sub-assembly procurement – We work closely with our customers on cost reduction programs
  • Computerised stock control & purchasing system
  • Scheduling of components Buffer stock of components can be held on site for back up or where your requirements exceed projection

With 40 years experience of manufacturing assemblies to customer specifications, the company can adopt a number of different procurement policies to meet particular customer requirements.

  • Free-issue whereby customers supply all the material and components necessary for assembly
  • Partial free-issue where customers may choose to supply selected components with the balance to be sourced and purchased by the company
  • Complete procurement through a world wide network where the company purchases all components to the customers specification from approved vendors.

All materials received are taken into a bonded storage area, and checked against customer documentation and company purchase orders.

Our policy is to notify any discrepancies by email within one day of the materials being taken into the store. High value components are subject to 100% inspection and checking. Separate storage areas are kept for free-issue and company purchased components.