Supply Chain Management

The key to any Contract Electronics Manufacturer is their ability to procure and manage materials efficiently. Ashgill Electronics considers its supply chain to be one of its greatest assets and have well established relationships with vendors in the UK and overseas. We offer proven solutions for supply chain, planning, collaboration and execution to help you manage the global marketplace. While this has many economic advantages, it also creates challenges in management control, visibility, and flexibility.

We can help overcome these issues with our supply chain management team.  We can help gain competitive advantage with our value adding procurement, as part of an integrated manufacturing solution. We aim to ensure internal & external satisfaction through our procurement activities.

At Ashgill Electronics we strive to ensure our supply chain remains ‘fit-for-purpose’ and a mix of our suppliers means we can formulate the right supply chain for each customers requirements.

Removing the need to manage the supply chain is high on our customer’s priority list thereby leaving the customer free to maintain their focus elsewhere.

As part of our tailored manufacturing we are equally happy with both full procurement & free issue services to suit your company needs.